Transpofix | Unternehmen Resonanz Söhnke Kohrock

Sönke Kohrock

As a nations cup rider and bavaran master in show jumping I can recommend the products of Transpofix Equestrian Technology to every rider.

René Tebbel

A good turf is a basic precondition for an determined and success-oriented training, especially in the north of Germany, were we are often faced with difficult ground conditions due to extreme weather conditions. This is no problem for EQUO-FLEX riding ring mats from Transpofix Equestrian Technology.

Kathrin Goedicke

Even as an amateur you find optimal conditions with the products of Transpofix Equestrian Technology.

Transpofix | Unternehmen Resonanz Patricia Bottani

Patricia Bottani

The internationally successful dressage rider Patricia Bottani ( Switzerland / Ridingcourse Burghof) ) has decided for Transfix Equestrian Technology products.