Spray irrigation systems

Comfort Aqua mobil

  Automatic and mobile indoor riding ring spray-irrigation system with variable speed control
• Standard nozzle carrier, 12 m wide, with precision nozzles
• 4-fold part width section control (tracks left + right, center left + center right)
• almost invisible tube and cable routing by means of an energy chain system
• sectional spray-irrigation of separate partial sections
• multiple spray-irrigation programs selectable, 12 programs preselected
• variable speed
• Cruise-controlled speed, readjustment at stronger traction
• Compressor connection for winter outlet, thus summer and winter operation possible
• Indoor riding ring widths up to 35 m, indoor riding ring lengths up to 150 m
• Water consumption at 20 m, indoor riding ring width: approx. 80 l min., in part width section operation approx. 40 l min.
• Water flow pressure 3 bar min.

Stepproofness and homogenous ground structure by means of an optimum spray irrigation of your riding ring

We offer optimum spray-irrigation options for the entire indoor area with our indoor riding ring spray-irrigation systems. Regardless if it is a stationary or a mobile system, Transpofix Equestrian Technology offers the best solution for your indoor riding ring.

Also valid for outdoor applications: in order to achieve step-proofness and a homogenous ground structure the regular spray-irrigation of sand and grass rings during the growing season is indispensable. Only stationary systems ensure the timely and continuous application during dry periods. A daily spray-irrigation of sand rings conserves the structure and prevents the generation of dust.