Elastic mulch for riding surfaces

Perfect conditions for effective training

Healthy training and effective progress require an optimal riding  surface. Choose a mulch-sand mix with Transpofix quality, ‘Made in  Germany’. Transpofix mulch supports horse and rider with the perfect  balance between surface elasticity and stability. Spine, tendons and joints are effectively cushioned – even under the heavy strains caused by movement.

Unwanted rolling effects are avoided with the combination of mulch and sand. The fibrous mulch structure and round sand grains  complement one another perfectly, are the foundation for strong training sessions and ensure that horses are completely sure-footed.

The advantages for users of associations and equestrian centres are clear: Transpofix mulch, which is manufactured from strictly controlled new materials, is extremely colourfast and weather resistant, even in outdoor spaces. Even high volumes of riders or low temperatures do not compress the ground, the elasticity remains unchanged and the long-term maintenance costs are low.

The best: introducing the mulch to riding surfaces is easy. It is milled into the already available sand and serves as a central layer. Thanks to its long service life, the mulch can be used with fresh sand  several times and can be removed again.

  • Elastic but stable
  • Absorbs enormous strains in the movement of the horse
  • Prevents the unwanted rolling effect
  • Surefootedness for the horses
  • Floor does not become compacted, it stays loose
  • Long‐lasting material, reusable
  • Environmentally safe and health‐friendly

Einarbeitung des Mulch

Tow the floor

Space out the mulch evenly

Mill the floor