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How important is the quality of sand for the riding ground, wouldn´t be enough to use just common sand? Unfortunately not! The quality of the sand on the ground has a big impact on horse and rider´s safety, on the horses health and therefore on the training´s and competition outcome. The horse has to be able to walk on easy and joint safe. You shouldn´t be compromising on the sand quality.


Sand for riding ground – No Compromises

Is the subsurface too soft and uneven, the ground crumbles under the pressure. The result is lots of dangerous tripping hazards for horse and rider.
The ground shouldn’t be too hard either; the delicate horse joints react negatively under the unnecessary pressure and upheavals and could get easily hurt.
Also in case of riders dropping the ground has to be able to intercept the rider as gentle as possible. If the riding ground is outdoors, must be able to derive the raining water, so that no puddles arise and the ground can be mounted as soon as possible. Naturally the riding ground should be easy to clean and the sand shouldn’t be clumping.


Sand for riding ground – Compatible with all equestrian sport type

Sand and sand are different and must be compatible with the equestrian sport type.
There are differences between sand for dressage, show jumping, all-round riding, horse racing and competition riding. In addition there are differences in-between indoor riding ground, riding arena or outdoor places. The optimum condition creates quarz sand made to 90 % out of quarz. Quarz sand allows the horse to cave in about 1, 5 cm and therefore it´s efforts are clearly minimized. Quarz sand gives reliable hold but it does not compress so that the horse can run on loose sand anytime. It doesn´t build clumps either, therefore no tripping hazards are built.
The energy of the jump is perfectly absorbed and recorded through the sand and not translated to the horse’s joints. Horse and equestrian walk on quarz sand particularly gentle.
This is made possible through the round sand grain that is completely different to regular construction sand. Along comes the technical characteristic of the sand. Due to the round sand grain, the riding ground dry’s fast and therefore can be used quickly. Particular separation layers and drainage make sure that subsurface and sand does not mix.


Sand for riding ground – 90% Quarz

We described before that riding ground sand is made to 90 % out of quarz. It is obvious that genuine quarz sand could be used as well. Depending on the riding ground requirements the sand can be mixed with natural materials so that it could be sturdy and lasting used.
The quarz sand mix enables different colors. A quarz- glance-mix results into a white color whereas quarz-wood-chips-mix into a brownish color. Furthermore riding arena sand can be mixed with clay and granulate. The quarz sand part should always be higher because the qualities of the riding grounds drastically decrease if the mixing ratio benefits the filling material. For further information about riding grounds we would be more than happy to assist and consult you. You can reach Transportfix via phone at +49-(0) 9181 / 270 49-30 or via email at

Sand for riding ground – Transpofix

A short introduction to our company: founded in 1995, Transpofix Equestrian Technology specialized in constructing and developing riding grounds. We build and rehab riding grounds for our national and international customers, confident of our knowledge. With our experience and know-how we are definitely capable to advice on the sand most fitting your own riding ground, cause to build a riding arena demands a riding ground soil. Our entire team is up-to-date with the constant technical development, anytime able to support you planning and building your own riding ground at any size.


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Transpofix Equestrian Technology provides not only solutions to your requests but also supply’s sand for the professional riding ground. We look forward to hear from you.