For the thorough and continuous maintenance of all riding grounds you will need professional tools. Loosen, mixing and compacting in one pass!!

Transpofix Equestrian Technology also offers ideal and professional solutions for the maintenance of your riding rings.
Levelling and maintenance tool in work widths of 1.50 m to 3.00 m, short work widths available.

Enclosed please find a list with customers who already use our riding arena leveller.
reference list Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit Kunden welche den Bahnplaner bereits im Einsatz haben.

Application range

  • suitable for small tractors, skid-steered, ATV (floor – care AHK)
  • for levelling and maintaining sand/wood chip footings as well as footings with non-wovens
  • variable tool
  • universal applications
  • removeable at any time
  • work widths of up to 4 m
  • single-row blade
  • following tines displaced in two lines
  • one Farmflex pressure roller
  • 1 levelling plate (spring-mounted)
  • 3-point attachment, Cat. I and Cat. II
  • depth adjusting via a spindle

To keep up he quality of your footing we recommend to take out the horse droppings regulary. Thereby also the additives and the sand are taken out.

A solution for this problem is our vibration sieving machine. It separates the horse droppings from the most part of the additives and the sand. Consequently the disposal costs can be halved.