Riding ground – the foundation for a successful training

GThe foundation for a successful training and work with a horse is the riding ground. But there is no one to nothing. Instead it has to be tuned to the demands of the riding sport like dressage and show jumping. Important is an adequate sustainability and the optimum protection of the horses back and joints. Furthermore the riding ground should be flexible, low-maintenance and long lasting.
Our company Transpofix Equestrian Technology is more than 15 years active in planning, consulting and constructing riding grounds. We offer in all these events the perfect riding ground. We can build riding grounds in all riding arenas for any riding sport types. Whether restoration or new construction, hobby riding or professional, with Transpofix Equestrian Technology you found an experienced partner on your side.

You have the alternative to choose between brick.dust- subsurface and drainage system, ebb-flow-system and grass court. We support you and supervise each project from the first to the last step. That followed we would like to give you an overview to how we plan and build.


Riding ground – Brick-Dust-Surface

The brick- dust riding ground is cost-effective and fulfills all requirements placed on it. Brick-dust is sure-footed, perfectly bouncing the horse’s motion, nursing the joints and tendons at the same time. Our riding grounds concepts comply with all mechanical, hydraulic and biological requirements. This type of surface can be used indoors as well outdoors. Brick-dust is the optimum coat suiting perfectly the daily training. Furthermore it’s bio-degradable and absolutely harmless to horse and equestrian. With our Equo- Flex functional drainage system for outdoors, raining water or snow can be easily derived from so that no water-logging is build. After drying the riding ground can be immediately mounted. Indoors you can use brick-dust without the drainage system.

Riding ground – Grass

The grass court is perfectly fitted for tournaments, polo and racing tracks.
With our longstanding national and international experience we build grass courts suiting all requirements. Grass courts on riding grounds offer many benefits as being extremely weather proof, due to its separation layers and its natural drainage ability. Due to its shearing resistance it is also a great fit in a tournament arena.
We build the grass court in four layers:  the drainage, the filter bed, the separation layer and the vegetation layer. Grass courts are easy to maintain and therefore long-lasting.
We are more than happy to assist you at your location. If you are interested in building a grass court you can reach Transpofix Equestrian Technology via phone at +49-(0) 9181 / 270 49-30.


Riding ground – Ebb-Flow-Systems

The third option to a professional riding ground is the ebb-flow-system. It can be used in the indoor riding arenas as well the outdoor facilities. It’s the optimum solution for ambitious equestrian and horse. You can use the ebb-flow-system in the horse jumping sports, dressage, racing tracks and lodging places. The ridding court water supply is regulated therefore the place is never too dry or drenched. There is no need to neither to water the surface nor be ponding after heavy rain, nor tournament rescheduling. The stability of the surface can be regulated and easy to maintain. This to a 100 % natural product is harmless to horse and equestrian and will not cause high disposal costs.


Überall dort, wo das Hobby und das Sport Reiten im Mittelpunkt steht, braucht es eine optimale Basis. Ein perfekter und gut konzipierter Reitplatzboden ist die Grundlage für gutes Reiten, ob Freizeit- oder Spitzensport.

Die Firma Transpofix Equestrian Technology aus Bayern steht Ihnen seit über zehn Jahren beim Neubau oder der Sanierung von Außenreitplätzen und Reithallenböden kompetent zur Seite. Neben der richtigen Planung und Beratung bieten wir einen Full-Service, von der Vorbereitung des Bodens bis zur kompletten Fertigstellung. Das Transpofix Equestrian Technology Bodenkonzept entspricht allen mechanischen, hydraulischen und biologischen Anforderungen.

Ob Reithalle oder Außenplatz: Wir fertigen Ihren Reitplatz auch mit Ziegelmehl-Unterbau.