The newest development, for your indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as your training-tracks.

  • Geotextile has high functioning and elastic properties, which protect the joints and tendons of your horses.
  • Geotextile provides advantages for every type of weather:
    • In Drought (or indoor arenas): lowered watering frequency and reduced dust development. (The sponge effect and the fleece shavings ensure long term water storage)
    • In the event of heavy or ongoing rain, the sponge function of the Geotextile prevents development of puddles.
    • Additionally, Geotextile allows for increased, full surface Water drainage. This optimizes use of your riding arena or training track and your riding or racing season can begin earlier. During low temperatures, your Arena footing doesn’t freeze and continues to be extensively useable.
  • Geotextile reduces track formation. Therefore the arena has to be leveled less frequently.
  • Geotextile strengthens the sand structure of the footing, and prevents dangerous slipping of horses.

Geotextile doesn’t rot and prevents side effects of organic mixing components. Geotextile does not act as growth medium for bacteria or molds that could cause infection or illness in the horse.

  • Geotextile is very easy to apply to the footing. Geotextile should be applied to the entire surface of the riding arena or training track and then worked into the top 6 cm of the footing with a harrow.

Jumping Arena Mixture


PREMIX 1, 30% Fine fiber content, is ideal for a new facility or the modernization of jumping arenas. The unit requirements are approximately 3 kg per m2 of footing. Delivery takes place in prepackaged bales on pallets.

Dressage Arena Mixture


Geotextile White, 20% fine fiber content. The synthetic riding arena fleece improve the footing and even out the varying conditions of the footing. The fleece shavings vary between 1 and 3 cm in size, and are mixed into the (sand) footing. The Geotextile Dressage mix creates optimal stability and grip, the spring action is noticeably improved.



The footing is no longer slippy or unstable. Instead it improves grip and elasticity during riding. The riding arena fiber is stable and UV- resistant. It combines with riding arena fleece to create ideal riding arena conditions.