Ebb and Flow riding surface system

The water – steered ebb and flow riding ground provides ideal conditions for horse and rider. The system is suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas. It provides ideal conditions for dressage, show jumping, driving, lunging rings and race tracks.
Thanks to the ingenious water balance of the system the ground gets never too wet or too dry. After heavy rain the puddels formed quickly disappear and even after a long dry period the footing never becomes dusty.


Advantages of an ebb and flow riding surface 

  • no irrigation needed
  • easy to maintain
  • no puddles on outdoor riding rings, surplus water is draind automatically
  • adjustable ground stability
  • 100 % natural product
  • no high disposal costs
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor riding arenas

The stability of the riding ground depends on the waterlevel inside the footing so it can be adjusted easily. The humidity of the riding ground is controlled permanently with a sensor and will automatically be adjusted.

The quality of a riding ground depends mainly on the sand. We use two different sands in our system. The underground sand ensures a quick and even distribution of the water in the undermost layer of the riding ground. The sand of the footing is characterised by high stability and good water permeability.

In a pump shaft the water intake and expulsion is regulated. No additional irrigation is needed.

Construction procedure of an ebb and flow system

  • Removal of the existing ground
  • Laying down of the waterproof foil
  • Laying of the drainage system
  • Application of the sand substrate
  • Application of the footing
  • Fitting of the pump system
  • Construction of the surround