GEO-Humus is a Granulate that consists of Vulcanic stone, Sand and Mineral components. It is mixed into the footing layer and serves as a water reservoir.

An overview of the advantages:

  • Draws in water like a sponge and stores up to 30 times its own weight.
  • Slowly gives off the stored moisture when the footing becomes drier.
  • The Swelling and shrinking of the granulate particles aerates the Arena footing – the physical structure is thereby optimized, the footing more elastic and slip-resistant.
  • Boggy, wets areas or even entire Riding Arenas can dry out with GEO-Humus in only half an hour, an become rideable.

GEO-Humus is a Granulate consisting of natural rock meal and minerals. It stores moisture in the footing that would normally seep away or evaporate quickly – up to 30-times its own weight. Like a sponge. When the footing becomes drier it gives off this stored moisture slowly.

GEO-Humus makes the arena footing more elastic – this helps to protect the horses joints and improves grip. The dust that is created by the sand abrasion is bonded – the Silicosis risk for horse and rider is decreased. The footing needs to be watered less frequently, which means undisturbed riding pleasure. On a sidenote, there is also less condensation on arena walls. Last but not least, GEO-Humus binds excess moisture in the footing: wet outdoor arenas are passé.


GEO-Humus is a environmentally solution for your riding arena!


  • GEO-Humus can be distributed by hand as well as – thanks to its granulate structure – via machinery, with your spreader for example. Spread appr. 300 g / m² on your riding surface and work in the granulate with a Leveller, cultivator or manually with a rake. To ensure that GEO-Humus can work optimally, you should finish by applying appr. 9 l Water per m².