HPI Light Poles

Lighting for your outdoor riding ring is essential if you want to give lessons or want to ride in the evening.


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There are some criteria for choosing the right lighting for your outdoor riding rind.


The hight of the light pole can be determined with a floor plan. The requested intensity of illumination you get with the HPI – T plus lamp, which is delivered with the light pole.

Rule – of – tumb:

  • illuminated width  = 2,5 x hight of the light pole
  • illuminated depth = 2,5 x hight of the light pole

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The pole is tiltable and is delivered as a complete mounting package in a cardboard box (3,0 x 0,2 x 0,1 m). The delivery includes: pole, consisting of 4 parts, fitting, lamp, 10 m cable plus manual. The lower part of the pole you have to set in concrete. Afterwards the pole can be installed. The pole has a maximum size of about 8,5 m.


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Enclosed some examples how the poles can be placed in a 20 x 40 m and in a 20 x 60 m outdoor riding arena. T = training, P = professional

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The fitting is consisting of a plastic housing with safety glass and can be adjusted with rotary knobs.


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Voltage: 230V – 50 Hz Lamp
Power: 400 W Lamp
Fitting: E40 Lamp
Electricity: 4,2 A
Color: Smoky grey-white
Weight: 11,9 kg
Protection: IP65



The Philips HPI – T Plus lamps have a life span of 20,000 hours and a color fastness of 65 Ra. Because of the good color reproduction the HPI – T Plus lamp has a pleasant lighting environment wiht a high visual comfort. The Philips 3 Bandtechnology guarantees an excellent color stability during the whole life span of the lamp.

We also offer Philips SON – T lamps. These clear, tubular high pressure natrium lamps have a particulary long life span of 30,000 hours.


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Power 400 W 400 W
Fitting E40 E40
Color reproduction 65 Ra 65 Ra
Color temperature 4.500 K 2.000 K
Light flux 32.000 lm 48.000 lm
Life span ~20.000 h ~30.000 h
Voltage 230 V 230 V


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