LED – Because light is not always the same!

1.000qm / 1575 Watt (21 x HB70 je 75 Watt)

1.200qm / 960 Watt (18 x je 50 Watt + 2 x 30 Watt)

Very good riding hall – and area lighting has to be economical and sufficiently bright. The latest generation of LED lamps enable both: saving cost combined with high, more pleasant and more evenly in seconds luminous efficiency.

Our LOIBAS- LED lights in different performance classes for use outdoors and indoors meet these requirements 100%. The lights are available in different performance classes and can be tailored to your needs.

When choosing the direct lighting, the right pole length as well as the lights density we support you.


Calculation example:

If a 60-watt bulb (600lm) burns 3 hours day, consuming 65.7 kw a year. At a price of 0.23 cents / kw are the euro in 15th A similar from the luminosity LED lamp consumes 600 lm contrast
Only 8 Watt! This makes the year 8.8 kWh and costs at the same price of electricity only 2 euros. This brings a saving of 13 euros per lamp per year.

Please request our free lighting calculation on your investment!

1.800qm / 1370 Watt